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Brian, Ray and I spent some time testing the bike and ourselves in the desert south of Reno. Our goal was to run from Dayton to Hawthorne on Friday and head back in the dark and then do some more riding on Saturday morning before heading home. Our plans didn't exactly turn out the way we had hoped, but that was just fine since we'd rather weed out the gremlins before the race. Here is a quick recap of the highs and not-so-highs for the adventure:


  • Jason from MX1 and Chris from TrailTech come through with helmet lights, sweet!
  • The trailer decides to give us a scare going up Donner summit, thankfully it wasn't worse (I'll just leave it at that :) )
  • Ray and Brian get off course on the first leg and arrive at the meeting point just before dark, check the photos, these guys were trailblazing!
  • The battery on the bike expires meaning no power for the gps or the HID light, good thing we had a backup halogen race light and the helmet lights to run the next section in the dark!
  • Did I mention the helmet lights? They ROCKED!
  • Awesome, fun run from our first meeting point through the second leg, wrapping up around 12:30am


  • Up early and on the bikes by around 9am for the run to Hawthorne
  • The clutch went our 10 miles into our ride, thankfully we had good cellular coverage and were able to call in Brian for the extraction
  • Trailer flat on the way home

Check the pictures, they tell the story :)

Brian and Ray on the way out...

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...and on the way in to the meeting point *Warning: Brian drops a few F-Bombs here :)

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