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Take a minute to make a difference
Take a minute to make a difference E-mail
Written by shawn   

Please take a minute to read the latest action alert from Save The Trails and follow the link to send a clear message to our representatives that we have the right to determine the plan of action for PUBLIC lands.



I thought you would want to hear about President Obama's recently released, but little known America Great Outdoor Initiative, which has the potential to lock you out of millions of acres of public lands, as well as take away your private property rights. The good news is this Initiative has just started and if lots of people like you speak up and take two minutes to send letters it can be turned around.
Thanks for taking action.

Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trails

America Great Outdoors Initiative seeks to Close Public Lands-

Due to the leak of internal White House document showing secret plans to designate 13 million of acres as National Monuments and Wilderness without public input, President Obama announced on 3/29/10 his America Great Outdoor Initiative to encourage local involvement in the crafting of this new plan, which will supposedly encourage urban youth to get out and enjoy the Backcountry and preserve access to the outdoors.

This is more Washington double talk since locking the majority of the public out of their public lands via Wilderness and Monument designation will discourage the most popular forms of outdoor recreation, such as Off Road Vehicle use and in many cases Mountain Bikes. This will clearly discourage the public from enjoying the backcountry. There is just no way reducing access can be preserving access.

President Obama held a last minute conference on 4/16/10 in Washington DC to encourage local partnerships, but after polling over 60 local organizations we could not find one who had been invited. The folks who were invited and who are partners, were those who support closure of public lands such as Sierra Club, Wilderness Society etc.

Of particular interest is Government Landscape Wide Planning (including private property) and designation of Wildlife Corridors, as proposed in the President's Outdoors Initiative, are also key elements in the United Nations Wildlands Project, which seeks to make 50% of America off limits to humans (Yellow and Red on the Wildlands Project map). It appears that all those invited to the DC Conference also support the Wildlands Project. If you don't then ACT NOW by clicking here to send your letter!


Click here to create your two mintue Outdoor Initiative letter or use the link below

The good part is this Initiative has just started and you can help get it back on track by sending a letter using our two minute letter generators link above

After you send your letter please see the Take Back Your Public Lands-Extra Credit at the end of this email

The goals of the America Great Outdoors Initiative is laudable, to encourage local involvement, increase access to public lands and Encourage the Public to get our in the Backcountry, but as you may have guessed the proposed policies are heading in the opposite direction.

The President has asked for public involvement, so let’s take advantage of his offer and speak up to ensure this Initiative stay true to the goals. Please send your letter now and ask your friends to send a letter too

You can read more about the United Nations Wildlands Project and see the map at

You can read the President’s 4 page outline for this Outdoor Initiative at


The President has created a website where the public can post topics and comment on his proposed America Great Outdoor Initiative. Normally this kind of forum is taken over by the vocal minority who seem to favor closure, but lately the silent majority, which probably includes you, have been speaking up. However we need more people to comment or we will lose ground. Please take a few minutes to register and most importantly vote for topics you support. Threads have been started on the topics of removing financial barriers, improving agency accountability, sustaining rural communities, and promoting forest health among many other good ideas. You can also post your own comments.
Remember the world is run by those who speak up.
Link to Presidents Outdoor Intiative Blog

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